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Welcome to The Nurturing, my counselling service based both online and in Surrey, UK. My name is  Carolann Gneist and my intention is to offer you help and support through talk therapy, mindfulness practise and psycho-education.

Why work with Carolann?

I have spent many years exploring for myself the causes of mental and emotional suffering and have studied broadly in this field. I have come to understand that it is not so much our problems and difficulties which bring us down, but the way we feel about them.  

You may enter therapy wanting and needing to be fixed, but this view can be part of the problem. It is more useful to see yourself as stuck, not broken. You may be anxious, angry, depressed, addicted, confused, lost and in pain, but these are all symptoms to understand and accept in order to stop suffering because of them.   As your therapist my role is to help you connect to what you feel and to understand why you feel that way and why you do what you do. I don’t have your answers, but I can show you how to find them in yourself.
I can give you an understanding of the science of the brain, and how stress management is at the heart of living well, and I can point you to many ways that you might find better health and well being for yourself.
Most importantly though, it is the relationship that you have with yourself that makes all the difference, and I can be there to help you with this.


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Helping you help yourself

In the TLC section there are some well researched lifestyle choices which can assist you in your mental and emotional self care.  Also in this area some stress management advise for when you find yourself in rough patches.

Read more about the TLCs in the resources section


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