Welcome to The Nurturing

Welcome to The Nurturing.  My name is CC Gneist, I’m a Person Centred therapist and Mindful Self-Compassion teacher based here in Victoria, BC.

I offer in personal therapy and training courses in British Columbia, California and the UK.   I have a focus on self awareness, compassion and mindfulness.  I’m deeply grateful for the inspiration and teachings from people such as Carl Rogers, Gabor Mate, Bessel van De Kolk  and Tara Brach.



Personal Therapy

‘I started seeing Carolann about 2 years ago to work through some issues I was having in my personal life. Her approach, her amazing ability to listen without judgment, her inmensurable kindness and advice have seen me pull through and face my demons without the fear I always had.  Carolann is, in a word, amazing and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone seeking help’

Client, Sussex, UK

‘My time in counselling with Carolann was a rich journey of huge depth and self exploration for me spanning a few years. Through her professional and natural ability to offer and hold the therapeutic space for me with whatever I brought to the sessions, I experienced a genuine acceptance and understanding in all of my being, inviting me to enter into a process of deep self healing’

Client – Surrey, UK

‘From a woman who has tried and tested some of the UK’s leading therapists…….. You are simply fantastic!’

Michelle Zelli – Executive and Personal Coach


Michelle Zelli

Personal Development Workshops

Mental & Emotional Health | Carolann Gneist | Surrey

Mindful Self-Compassion Introductory Workshop

Yucca Valley, California

Saturday July 13th, 9am-5pm

Based on the work of Kristen Neff and Christopher Germer, MSC has been extensively researched and proven to provide many wellness benefits.  Cultivating MSC increases emotional strength and resilience, while decreasing anxiety and self-criticism. It helps us admit our shortcomings, motivate ourselves with kindness, forgive ourselves, relate wholeheartedly to others and be more authentically ourselves. It is solidly supported by research and is now taught on every continent on earth!

This one day training includes meditation, short talks, experiential exercises and group discussion.

Open to all who wish to combat stress, improve self motivation, confidence and relationships.

Cost: USD 125.00

Please contact CC for more details and to sign up

Includes:  Tea, coffee, snacks, lunch. Time to enjoy the pool and spa and walk the glorious natural environment of Yucca Valley, California



Guided Meditations

Mindbody Health

‘Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food’ - Hippocrates

It is particularly important, when dealing with mental health challenges, that we recieve an adequate supply of energy in order to maintain and support the physical, mental and emotional body.  The mind and body is one organism.  Every cell in this miraculous being strives at all times to maintain, protect and enhance the whole.

We can heal the body with the help of the mind and emotions and we can heal the with mind and emotions with support from the body.   We need a healthy gut to produce the brain chemicals needed for calm, clear, happy and motivated moods.  The nervous system, digestion, joint health, endocrine and vascular systems all need support when we struggle emotionally and mentally.  At the end of the day, the more energy our cells can access the more healing can take place, on all levels.

The Mindbody Health page contains  links to a few people and sites which I have found very comprehensive and well researched.




Meditation | Retreat | California