MSC Workshops in Yucca Valley, California

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Workshops at Cornerlands, Yucca Valley, California

I am so happy to begin hosting  Mindful Self Compassion workshops from Cornerlands in 2019.

You will also be welcome to use the facilities of Cornerlands including the pool and spa.

There are several good lodgings in the immediate area, details of which will be forwarded.

The nearest airport to Yucca Valley is Palm Springs, just 30 mins drive away, and other big International airports are LAX, Los Angeles or San Diego, both of which are between 2.5 and 3hrs drive.

I am looking forward to beginning these workshops, the learning and practise is very close to my heart.  It can be truly life changing to begin relating in an unconditional, loving, supportive way towards oneself, most powerfully excperienced with mindfulness.  Life transforms when we change our perspective, and the most wonderful thing is that the world transforms alongside us through our efforts.


Course Dates for 2019 to be confirmed

If you would like information about upcoming MSC workshops held from this location, please leave your details below.


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Cornerlands is just that – a corner plot sat high above the little town of Yucca valley, California and nestled amid the ancient granite boulders, which change their colours as the warm desert days roll through.

It’s an incredibly peaceful spot which enjoys the clean air of the Morongo Basin at 3600 ft altitude. Perhaps one or two vehicles a day come past the house, on the pale sandy roads. You hear the local birdsong, and catch glimpses of road runners, cactus wren or mourning doves. You’ll also be visited by coyote, ground squirrel, jack rabbit and perhaps the local bob cat!   And the view from our relaxing top deck is spectacular. The Joshua Tree National park entrance is just a 20 minute ride away.