As a therapist I work from home in Camberley, Surrey. My counselling room is situated in a very quiet home which is set beneath wonderful tall pine trees. In my dedicated facilities you can unwind in peace and quiet – offering a warm, non-judgmental  and confidential safe space for you to gather your thoughts and work through your issues.

We will work through whatever problems you bring or feelings that come up for you. With the intention that you access the inner resources that you may have lost touch with.

All my appointments are strictly confidential and courses can be as long or as short as you need them to be.


How can I help?

Some of the reasons you may consider coming to therapy:

Problems with anger

Relationship problems

Increased self-awareness / self-confidence / self-esteem

Emotional healing

Discussing choices you have made or are about to make

Dealing with a life-changing event - loss

Dependencies - alcohol / drug / food / medication 

Decline of physical health



More about my approach to therapy

The word therapy really means care and attention and the path you take to wellness is going to be uniquely your own. The Nurturing offers the following:

It may be that straight forward talk therapy is what you need, a safe place to be, a trusted confidante, a therapist to help you offload, work through things and find a way forward

It may otherwise suit you to in work in a more mindful body oriented way with Hakomi, to self study and uncover unconscious material that is limiting ur sense of self and fulfilment in life.

You might like to take walks in nature whilst exploring the issues, get the body moving, releasing the stress this way.

A really useful part of therapy is to discuss therapeutic lifestyle changes. There are so many things you can do to help yourself……physical, emotional and mental health are all connected, and having a plan to address aspects of each regularly can put you back on track to a better life quickly and cheaply

Psycho-education is another valuable tool. Having an understanding of the brain, how we develop and what happens when things go wrong, can minimize the self blame we often feel about our perceived inadequacies.

Please also see specific information about mindfulness and its truly incredible benefits

If you would like more information about The Nurturing or any of the above information please see our resources sections or get in touch using the simple form below:


‘From a woman who has tried and tested some of the UK’s leading therapists…….. You are simply fantastic!’

Michelle Zelli – Executive and Personal Coach


Michelle Zelli