Mindbody Medicine

Plant based medicine can support your healing journey


The plant world has been assisting us with this need for thousands of years, and we have a wealth of  research to understand it better. I have found Greenmedinfo to be exceptionally informative in this area.

In Victoria I came across Univera, a heart centred company on a mission to bring the very best of nature to mankind.  I have experienced these products to be of the highest quality and have had very good personal results from them.

I personally began using Univera products in late 2018, when I realised that I wasn’t as well as I could be.  I had stopped smoking and drinking alcohol over the past few years,  I did yoga regularly, ate well, and generally took pretty good care of myself.  But I suffered with great discomfort in my knees and also felt less than sharp mentally.  I was finding myself foggy brained,  forgetful, anxious and at times suffered with low moods.  I used to enjoy running but had given it up many years ago on the advise of a medical consultant.  He told me that it was wear and tear, and not to run!

I began taking Univera Xtra and about a month later their Aloe Select.  From the moment I first took the products I knew instinctively that they were going to help me.  My energy levels have increased immensely,

I can’t remember the last time I had brain fog, and my moods are very stable.  I am back running again too, with no pain.


I would also say that a very high quality mineral and vitamin supplement will go a long way to helping the body through mental health issues.  I have found Usana to be of top quality.


If you would like to learn more about body, nutrition, diet and health in general, the videos and information from Dr Eric Berg are great.  His website is a comprehensive and invaluable source of information.