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Pet Bereavement Care

Struggling with the loss of a beloved four-legged? Losing a loved one can be an enormously difficult part of life, and it is no less so when that loved one is a dear animal.  They are such loving companions, parts of the family, and live by our side through thick and thin.  Often a dog, […]

Depression – the burden of unfelt pain?

  Depression is painful, it’s debilitating, it sucks the life blood from us and it really hurts. Although there is still a common belief that this condition is an illness, a chemical imbalance, a brain disorder or a genetic disposition, the growing body of knowledge in the field of trauma suggests that depression is more […]

The Art of Self Soothing - The Nurturing UK

Nurturing Tips: 7 Ways to Self Soothe When You’re Feeling Rattled

Self soothing means calming your own anxiety and fears when negative triggers tip you over into emotional reacting – instead of thinking and acting clearly and effectively. It’s about being responsible – RESPONSE ABLE – and it’s a truly beneficial practice for building a healthy and balanced mind and body. Self regulation is something so […]

The Nurturing | Therapist | Surrey

‘Free yourself to be yourself’ – the world needs you to shine!

In Native American culture the eagle comes with a message to take heart and gather our courage, because the universe is presenting us with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of life. So, if you’re reading this, the eagle has landed in your life today, and Nature always has her reasons… My own […]