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‘Free yourself to be yourself’ – the world needs you to shine!

The Nurturing | Therapist | Surrey

In Native American culture the eagle comes with a message to take heart and gather our courage, because the universe is presenting us with an opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of life.

So, if you’re reading this, the eagle has landed in your life today, and Nature always has her reasons…

My own journey to inner and outer freedom has been long and I, like many others, have spent time deep in the dark forests of life. I always had a sense that there was something I came here to do, something that felt incredibly right, exciting and fulfilling, but the shape of it was elusive and shadowy and seemed to fade whenever I woke up (or fell back to sleep!) to the humdrum world around me. Do you feel like this?

Finding a way forward can be confusing and disappointing. And you know, one of the biggest turning points for me was not so much finding my way, but realising what it was that I really wanted, and then saying yes to going for it!

So why is it so hard for many of us to know what we really want? The problem is that often when we try to work out our purpose and options in life, we limit ourselves to things that look most likely, or reachable, or acceptable, or what others expect from us, but this thinking just blurs our view of what we could really aspire to. We try to work it all out with our left, rational brain, which is not so connected to our feelings and whole sense of self. Our more creative brain, the right side, is what connects us to things that really feel right, it resides in the here and now and is not fettered by concerns of the future or things we may have learned in the past that limit our outlook.

So how do you find your inner compass?

A bit of self exploration goes a long way. Ask yourself what really makes your heart sing. What would you do if money was no object, if no one else in your life had any influence on what you did, if the world was truly your oyster? Let yourself dream big, be free with your ideas and thoughts, and see how it feels to reflect on them. When doubtful thoughts come in, or you notice ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ creeping in, this is a sign that you’re playing by someone else’s rules. Just let this go, and ignore anything that inhibits your imagination.

We can’t know our heart’s desire unless we put all these ‘yes, but’ issues aside and deeply reflect in on ourselves. When you start to get ideas, get your imagination flowing. Write them down, draw them, paint them, make a vision board and collect things that represent your dreams in as creative way as you can – have fun with it!

The Reticular Activating System

Once you have the what (do I truly dream of for this life), the how is relatively easy. Honestly! Heard of the law of attraction? Probably. Heard of the Reticular Activating System? Maybe. Attracting what you want into your life is not hippie dippy psycho-babbly stuff you know – its neuroscience! The reticular activating system is a bundle of nerves down at the base of your skull and it works as a kind of filter between all the billions of bits of information around you – sounds, sights, smells etc – and your subconscious
mind. You know how it is when you’ve been thinking of getting a new car and you’ve been chatting all weekend about the the new Mini Countryman? Isn’t it just uncanny that every car you see on the road on Monday morning is one of them?! Well, this is your RAS doing it’s thing. Watch this wonderful 4 minute video to see what I mean.

So work out what you truly want in your life and focus on it! Look at that vision board every day and let yourself feel like you’ve already got what you want. The more you viscerally feel it, the more quickly you’ll start to pull it towards you. It’s a bit like casting a fishing line and then winding yourself in towards your catch, no need to worry about how it going happen, it just will. And also, you’ll be pumping your brain with gorgeous feel good chemicals like dopamine. Believe me, you’ll be stunned at the power of this process. Go for it, make 2017, the year you made the shift.

Dreaming of a global Community

And if you need a little more encouragement to get steadfastly on your path to freedom and choice, then here’s one more thing I want to say, and maybe it’s the most important thing about following your dreams. It’s not all about you, you know! Because in reality we are not separate little selves. We’re all part of one big, living, breathing, growing global community, and as we take care of ourselves, so we take care of everyone and everything around us.

Following your heart is ultimately about nurturing the planet. It’s about being the change we want to see in the world. Every time you honour what you honestly feel inside, every time you make an effort to grow towards your innate potential you make a ripple. With every step you take you feel a little happier, kinder, brighter, lighter, more loving, creative, stronger, empowered, hopeful, courageous, and more joyful.

And your happiness and fulfilment deeply impacts the world around you – from your own inner world, your own health, to your family and friends, your community and work, your country and the planet itself. Do not underestimate the power of the good vibration – we are all mostly vibrating energy after all – and that’s physics! – when you get happy your vibration rises, high vibration means win win all round. Check out this excellent book, Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour by Hawkins, David R (2004)

The eagle is calling you

So the eagle is calling – nature needs you to shine. More than ever before the world needs your light and your smile. There’s never been a better time, there’s never been more need, so legalise freedom, give yourself permission to want, permission to know…………and permission to soar.

Namaste, Carolann Carolann Gneist | Counsellor | Surrey