Pet Bereavement Care

Struggling with the loss of a beloved four-legged?

Losing a loved one can be an enormously difficult part of life, and it is no less so when that loved one is a dear animal.  They are such loving companions, parts of the family, and live by our side through thick and thin.  Often a dog, or cat or other type of pet takes the place of the human partner we don’t have, and, for most of us, we appreciate the consistency of the affection and comfort they bring.

So saying goodbye, whether we know its coming or not, is tough for the hardiest of us. For me personally, I have been there many times with my family and we’ve relied on each other to pull through.  For others though, there may not be people around who truly understand what this attachment means to us, and how hard it is to let go.  Bereavement counselling for pets can be as significant and as it is for relatives, after all, loss is loss, and it hurts.

I would be happy to give you assistance through this period in your life, and we can do that either person if you are in theVictoria area or through video link, at a time and frequency that suits you.

Please see my sliding scale fees and decide what amount you feel comfortable with.

I am happy to have an informal, no-fee chat with you first to answer any questions, and to help you make your decision.

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