Inner Freedom is The Key


I have found that the inner work – of self awareness and self compassion – is the most powerful thing I can do to effect change in all areas of life.
Our unconscious beliefs about money, work, relationships, etc, are so incredibly powerful because they are unconscious!
Most of the time we act, speak, move, spend energy and think in a way which reflects these beliefs, which are often not the ones we’d choose for ourselves – we just inherited them, as our parents did, and theirs before them.
We can strive so hard in the world to get where we want to be, but if our unconscious minds don’t buy into it, at some stage we’ll sabotage our efforts.
So, this work has 2 parts. One is to become curious of our thoughts, to notice how we act, to observe our opinions, judgements, motivations, aversions, to ask ourselves regularly how we are feeling in this moment.
The other, perhaps even more important, is to be non-judgemental and to learn to be kind and loving to all that we experience. Otherwise we just find a ton of things we need to change in ourselves! Everything becomes something else to fix! That’s a nightmare!
No, it’s not about fixing, or denying, or distorting or throwing out – it just doesn’t work. What we resist, persists. Believe me, I learned the hard way!
It’s about seeing clearly what’s there, and making space for it, letting it in, accepting who we are fully.
But accepting doesn’t mean putting up with, it means seeing clearly what’s effecting us. Because when we can see it all, we can choose what to express in the world and what to just know is there.
When we know our little gremlins we can keep an eye on them, right? They lose their power over us when we do that.
I am blessed to be living with great freedom these days. Freedom to do the work I love, to go where I want and to weave a life which feels nourishing, beautiful and expressive of who I am.
I am in no doubt that outer freedom is available to all, that inner freedom is the key.
And my mission is to help people find it in themselves.