online mindfulness and self-compassion practise

Online Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Practise

Creating Compassionate Community Weekly Zoom Drop-In Online Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Practise All are welcome to join CC & Patricia for these weekly online mindfulness and self-compassion practise.  We are both therapists and trained teachers of MSC. We teach locally in Victoria, BC, and have felt called in recent weeks to include regular online community drop-in sessions. Share this learning […]

Creating Compassionate Community

Creating Compassionate Community Weekly ON-LINE Drop-In Next Meeting: Tuesday March 31, 7 – 8:30 pm Hello there, I would like to invite you to our next Creating Compassionate Community gathering with myself and my colleague Patricia Williams. These are extraordinary times.  We are physically isolating but we don’t have to be alone- thanks to modern technology! As […]

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Zoom In and Join The Community Drop-In MSC Online!

  Wednesday March 25th 7:00pm – 8:30pm You are Invited! COMMUNITY Self-Compassion DROP-IN NOW Online via ZOOM While we cannot gather in person, we can certainly gather in spirit.  Join Patricia and I for our first virtual gathering.  We will create a safe space to share, meditate and practice mindfulness and self-compassion.  We will embrace our […]

Changes to MSC Community Drop-In Wednesday March 25th

‘We live in a time when science is validating what humans have known throughout the ages: that compassion is not a luxury; it is a necessity for our well-being, resilience, and survivial’ Joan Halifax Hello Dear All We hope you are taking kind and compassionate care of yourself and loved ones in these challenging times. […]

Hakomi Training with Marcia Burton in Victoria

You are invited to the first of a series of Hakomi Training days here in Victoria with internationally recognised and experienced teacher, Marcia Burton. These days are open to anyone, new or not so new to Hakomi. In the morning, we’ll practice beginner and advanced Hakomi skills together. In the afternoons, we’ll practice applying the […]

Inner Freedom is The Key

  I have found that the inner work – of self awareness and self compassion – is the most powerful thing I can do to effect change in all areas of life. Our unconscious beliefs about money, work, relationships, etc, are so incredibly powerful because they are unconscious! Most of the time we act, speak, […]

Pet Bereavement Care

Struggling with the loss of a beloved four-legged? Losing a loved one can be an enormously difficult part of life, and it is no less so when that loved one is a dear animal.  They are such loving companions, parts of the family, and live by our side through thick and thin.  Often a dog, […]

Depression – the burden of unfelt pain?

  Depression is painful, it’s debilitating, it sucks the life blood from us and it really hurts. Although there is still a common belief that this condition is an illness, a chemical imbalance, a brain disorder or a genetic disposition, the growing body of knowledge in the field of trauma suggests that depression is more […]

The Art of Self Soothing - The Nurturing UK

Nurturing Tips: 7 Ways to Self Soothe When You’re Feeling Rattled

Self soothing means calming your own anxiety and fears when negative triggers tip you over into emotional reacting – instead of thinking and acting clearly and effectively. It’s about being responsible – RESPONSE ABLE – and it’s a truly beneficial practice for building a healthy and balanced mind and body. Self regulation is something so […]